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About us

Hi, my name is Barak. I am a father of 2 incredible little boys, an amateur mens physique competitor, and fitness coach. At 37, I find myself having to start over completely. Having suffered an injury leaving me with a bulging disc in my back, I am unable to properly do what I love.  

For many years I have wanted to create my own clothing brand. Let’s face it, most of the fitness brands nowadays are pretty low quality with their clothes looking like trash after only a few washes. So, I wanted to create something that is not only very unique, but also high quality and actual value for money. 

So here we are, 2 years of planning and testing behind us, and finally I am able to share my dream with the world. I am immensely excited for whats to come and I hope that you can find us much joy in these pieces as I do.


For a Better Tomorrow

If you are a bit of a nerd, like me, names like Naruto, Goku, Vegeta, Baki, Deku, Pikachu, and Tanjiro, are all too familiar. These heroes never stop fighting. They give their best, especially when they are at their worst. Even when it seems like the task at hand is IMPOSSIBLE, they find a way to overcome the obstacles they face and prevail. 

They do this not for glory, not for fame, or fortune, but to protect those who cannot protect themselves. They hold life in the highest regard and they fight in order to secure a better future for everyone! 

Just like these heroes, in a world filled with self-obsession, narcissism, fake news, fake-influence, greed, envy, anger, depression, hatred, and violence, it is up to us to carry the torch and light a better way for the generations to come. Not everyone wants or needs to conquer the world, sure. But, even little acts of kindness, the help you give to the stranger without any expectation of return, the spot you didn't ask for just as you're about to fail your next rep…we all have to power every day to show that there is still goodness in the world.